USB 2.0 Nodes
Technology to control DMX 512 Systems with a computer.
Control and manage more equipment simultaneously and easily.
DMX512 controls lighting via stand-alone systems (APP Compatible).
Transmit DMX512 data between distances and increase your control.
App Control
Native applications to control the DMX512 wirelessly.
ART-NET protocol for IP lighting control according to universe.
M Filters, EMI, and ECD that improve stability and security of the line.
All DMX512 cables and wires meet the 120 standard in all aspects.

Art-Net PRO H1

PRO H1 interface is ideal for taking the step to becoming a professional. Possibility to control 512 DMX channels, configurable ports such as IN or OUT. Integrated auto IP system.

Art-Net PRO H2

The PRO H2 node is ready to control 1024 DMX channels. Possibility to configure it in splitter mode, 2 OUT universes or 1 input universe and 1 output universe. Integrated auto IP system.

Classic 7S

Easy to start

Designed for static light control, the Classic is the ideal DMX interface to enter the world of lighting.


512 Channels, 2 Outputs

USB DMX interface for controlling light moving equipment. It has two internal amplifiers and protection system.


DMX Amplifier

Local amplifiers are ideal for setting up large cabled networks without losing signal quality. Integrated grip system.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best software to create a new lighting show?
The best software is the one that suits yours needs. The developers have designed different concepts to fit different users demands. There are high and low level programs that provide incredible solutions for shows, live events, architectural lighting control, and films. The IMC Technology software and products support all users who work with OpenDMX, Pro DMX, Art-Net, Windows, OSX, and Linux protocols.
Are there any training programs or resources available?
Training and developing technical skill is as important as the work that you must confront when working or putting together a show. We work with private schools, advanced programmers, scenic designers and lighting specialists that provide professional training in both Argentina (Buenos Aires, Rosario, Mendoza, Cordoba) and Chile (Santiago). To learn more about to training courses please click here.
How to purchase a product from IMC Technology?
To purchase an IMC Technology product you can do so directly from our online store by visiting Following the easy steps provided on our website. You can also refer the bottom of the page via link – Useful Links – to contact an official representative. Please feel free to contact us anytime: if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our products. The team at IMC Technology is here to assist you in any way possible. We strive to maximize your experience with our products and create the lighting solution that you seek.
How does the guarantee system work at IMC Technology?
The guarantee of any product IMC Technology system includes and covers any physical damage that the product may have. This includes any malfunctions of the product within the first 2 years of use. If you have any questions or problem with on of our products please contact the support team directly by email at A representative from the support team will contact you immediately after receiving your message.
We have customers in every continent. Our products are delivered around the world.
Through our online store you can complete your purchase directly. We ship our products from Argentina to almost anymore in the world. Our products are delivered directly by DHL and UPS to your door.
What software is compatible and functions with IMC Technology products?
The compatibility of our products is growing day by day. We work with standardized protocols that support multiple desktop software and mobile applications. The most common are: ChamSys, Avolite, Sunlite, Chromateq, FreeStyler, QLCPlus, M-PC, LightFactory and Lightkey, Mapping and Video, Resolume, Modul8, Jinx!, and Madrix. IPad applications are compatible with PRO H Series: Luminair3 and Vibrio.
About IMC Technology
Founded in 2010, IMC Tecnologia S.R.L. (Argentina) is a company that provides professional technological solutions using DMX512 control embedded devices. IMC’s products enable and facilitate functionality of lighting control devices for shows, stage lighting, theater, architecture and film. We are focused on creating reliable tools and making a technological impact by continuously raising our quality standards as we manufacture each product. We have a deep presence throughout Latin America, helping us quickly adapt and develop in many of the activities and events that the business is involved in.
Engineering, R&D (Research and Development)
At IMC Technology, we consider research and development a fundamental and vital resource for our company and its future. The company constantly invests in further advancements of new lighting control technology. Our team consists of electronic, computer and IT specialists, industrial designers and creative engineers. We continuously work on research and development and aim to improve on each step of the production and every piece of technology. IMC Technology’s philosophy focuses on principles. Our company emphasizes the importance of quality and achieves this by being resourceful within the company and externally. We believe in teamwork and know that the team is the engine for innovation. We are connected to developers and collaborators of the World Organization of Open Lighting and the OLA (Open Lighting Architecture), contributing with the open codes that make DMX512 lighting control possible from software or a mobile application.
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